Endre Hules

Mr. Hules’ two recent films "Torn From the Flag" (writer/director) and "Prima Primavera," (writer) were shown at festivals around the world and won a number of accolades, including a Golden Eagle, a Golden Reel and a 1st Prize, as well as audience, jury, cinematography, acting and special awards.

A directing alumni of the National Academy of Theater and Film in Budapest, Hungary, and a Producing Fellow at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, he studied acting at Grotowski's Laboratory Theater in Poland and at the International School of Theatrical Anthrolopogy, Bonn, Germany. Mr. Hules has directed a wide variety of productions at the National Theaters of Hungary, the Biennale de Paris, the Shakespeare World Congress, as well as film, television and radio projects.

As an actor, he appeared in nearly a hundred features and television films in Hollywood, including "Angels & Demons," "Seven," "Apollo 13," "24" and Masterpiece Theater's "The Song of the Lark," and he is a recipient of the Screen Actor's Guild Award.

Four of his screenplays, including "The Maiden Danced to Death" and "Prima Primavera" won the European MediaPlus Award. He has taught acting, writing and directing around the world.


Vilmos Zsigmond

Vilmos Zsigmond has won the coveted Academy Award for Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and was nominated three more times (The Deer Hunter in 1979, The River in 1985 and Black Dahlia in 2007).

Mr Zsigmond shot such classics as Robert Altman's McCabe & Mrs. Miller and The Long Goodbye, or Brian De Palma's Obsession, Blow Out and The Bonfire of the Vanities.

Most recently, he was the cinematographer on the Woody Allen film, Cassandra's Dream, and Executive Producer on Torn From the Flag, written and directed by Endre Hules.


Zoltán Honti

Zoltán is the recipient of a Telly Award for Best Cinematography for the documentary "In Spite Of Darkness," as well as a Golden Reel for Best Cinematography from the Tiburon International Film Festival with the late Laszlo Kovacs, ASC, for "Torn From The Flag."

He attended the National Academy of Film and Theatre in Budapest and earned an MFA in cinematography at the American Film Institute. He first interned, later operated on several features for Academy Award winning cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC, and they shot "The Maiden Danced To Death" together.

Of his many collaborations with director Daniel Stamm; "A Necessary Death" earned the Audience Award at the AFI Fest in 2008 and the Eli Roth produced "The Last Exorcism" was released in theaters in August 2010. It has been nominated for the Independent Spirit Awards. Daily Variety selected Zoltán to its list of "Ten Cinematographers to Watch" in 2010.


Gábor Garami

Mr. Garami is a founding director of Cinema-Film Kft, one of the first independent film production companies in Hungary after the fall of Communism that went on to create dozens of award-winning films.

A graduate of the National Academy of Theater and Film in Budapest (producing) and the East-West Seminar in London, Mr. Garami has produced films for scores of world-class directors in Hungary and abroad, including Miklós Jancsó, Márta Mészáros, Péter Bacsó, Sándor Sára, János Zsombolyai, Zsolt Kézdi - Kovács, Róbert Koltai, Krisztina Deák, as well as Philippe de Broca, Franklin Shaffner, Svetlana Druzsenina and Christopher Morahan.

He is a founding member of the Hungarian Association of Independent Producers and the organizer of the Hungarian Film Week, The Summer Theatre of Tihany and the International Master Course in Cinematography with Oscar-winner Vilmos Zsigmond.


Michael Dobbin

With one foot on each side of the Atlantic, Michael takes pride in bringing Canada, Europe and the World together.

In addition to The Maiden Danced to Death, recent titles include Boris Rodriguez's Eddie starring Thure Lindhardt (Angels & Demons, Flame & Citron, Into the Wild), Stephen McHattie (Score, 2012, Pontypool, 300, The Fountain). The film is a Canada-Denmark co production represented by Bavaria Film International.

Past producer credits include Toni Harman's The Devil's Curse (AKA Credo) and David Chernushenko's documentary Powerful: Energy for Everyone. Michael worked with one of Europe's top script-development agencies, Arista Development and was mentored by BAFTA-winning producer Leslee Udwin: East is East and West is West. He's an alumnus of Ryerson University.

In March 2010, Michael founded the 'Just Watch Me!' Berlin Screeningroom with the Canadian Embassy, and as a story editor, script doctor and lecturer is in steady demand on both sides of the Atlantic.


Igor Pedicek

A founder of Casablanca Productions with Boris Jurjaševic. Casablanca has produced the feature films Blues for Sara, Alpenpolka, Three Contributions to Slovene Madness (Omnibus), Loves of Blanka Kolak, A Waltz For 4 and Queen of Hearts.

Since 1999 Casablanca has collaborated with Studio Maj on several international co-productions, including No Man`s Land, Lilly's Story and Well Tempered Corpses. Casablanca's short films include the Lost Formula of J Puhar, It flies... It flies... It flies...Woman? and the animated series Buffoons and Euphoria.

Casablanca also produced the children's TV programs, Gold Dust, Heroes of the Fifth Grade (3 parts), and My Friend Arnold (5 parts), as well as documentary series like Tales of Scotland (3X30), Ireland in Words and Pictures (3X30), How We Attained Independence (8X80), and the Battle for Reka (3 - parts).


Zoltán Zsuráfszky

A winner of the Gyula Harangozó prize as a dancer, Mr Zsuráfszky is the artistic director of Hungary's most respected folk dance troupe, the Budapest Dance Ensemble. A graduate of the Hungarian National Ballet Institute, he has conducted numerous research trips to discover and preserve Central European cultural traditions.

The Budapest Dance Ensemble (which has recently merged with the equally prestigious Honved Dance Ensemble) has traveled around the world on several, critically acclaimed tours. Mr. Zsuráfszky and his ensemble consider the introduction of folk traditions to a contemporary audience their primary mission.

Ferenc Kiss
Composer/Music Director

Mr. Kiss has been a member of the Vízöntő ensemble for 20 years, as well as a founding member of the legendary Kolinda. As a composer, he drew from the music of the people of the Carpathian basin, especially the archaic folklore of the Hungarians, to develop his own fusion style.

During his three-decade career, he performed in concerts around the world, and his own record company (Etnofon Records) has published close to a hundred records to date.

He has recorded eight albums of his own and participated as composer and/or musician on 44 others. He was the Musical Director of the Bihari, the Somogy, the Vasas and the Zalka dance groups and composed music for several dozen films, dance concerts, theatre shows and events.