Review Excerpts

…the biggest surprise of the summer season.
This is the best film about showbusiness that I've ever seen.
It is not merely about the corruption of the artist, it is about the conception of evil.
…a wonderful film in which the dance of death serves as a kind of ancient Greek chorus.
…a superb work of art.

Kultura - Kinobar

Fresh… evocative and beautifully filmed drama is sure to delight…
Wild Csardas of Revenge!
… everything goes perfectly, the dance leaves viewers breathless, pulses racing...
… a breathtaking tale of treachery, betrayal and revenge…
…fresh, startling and unpredictable ...
…the viewer must choose where their own sympathies lie and what the cost of those beliefs entail in very graphic terms.
The ending leaves the viewer nonplussed.

Calgary Word Press

…an explosive mixture put into passionate images by camera legend Vilmos Zsigmond.


Atmospherically dense cinema… a remarkable feature.

Fest 21

… the new Hungarian take on the Abel and Caine story…


Endre Hules tells a heart wrenching tale about passion, convictions and lost love.

Nordwest Zeitung

… stunningly filmed. The actors are splendid, especially Bea Melkvi in her first feature film.
…a masterpiece of contemporary Hungarian cinema.

Filmforum Bremen

The dance scenes play a dramatic role and define the story's outcome.
The male protagonists are especially interesting. They are not cast as good vs. evil… but there is too much seething anger and hatred between them to find an easy connection.

NEGATIV Magazin für Filmkultur

The Maiden Danced to Death reveals itself a subtle drama, with many issues behind the dance.
Endre Hules, who plays the lead, carries the film. The trio of actors are the soul of the film, consistently giving the viewer an enjoyable cinematic experience.

Matine Portuense

Hules put some real rigor and smarts into the project, and he knows what to do with a camera. He gets admirable cinematography help from Zoltan Honti and the great Vilmos Zsigmond.

Chicago Examiner

Endre Hules' story, screenplay and direction are absolutely professional. The dancers are out of this world, the choreography is brilliant, Hules proves an excellent actor, as well, Bea Melvi is powerful and the angelic innocence of Emőke Zsigmond is Heaven sent.

Fehér Elefánt

"Director Endre Hules immortalizes the great moments of the past meeting the present with artful inspiration."
"The story focuses on the extraordinary drama of a creative pair of brothers… and the dance macabre becomes the power center of the film."
In our book, this powerful work deserves the grand prize.

Magyar Nemzet

…a breakthrough success at the 42nd Hungarian Film Week, which earned the Best Actor Prize for Zsolt László.


"A classic dance film…"
"… Bea Melkvi's enchanting, dizzied-passionate and cathartic dance came to life in front of Vilmos Zsigmond's camera.
… world class cinematography and dance.
"…The perfect, passionate rhythm sucks you in like a vortex."
"…the dance allows for the portrayal of feelings for which there are no words – and in these moments the film becomes sublime…"


"…the film rediscovers not only the romanticism of Budapest but also the bitter taste of homecoming …"
"…the story is filled with serious human drama and complex relationships… carrying the legacy of the former dictatorship…"
"…original, authentic, incisive…"
"Endre Hules is an interesting actor: it's like watching Billy Crystal's evil twin…"
"Bea Melkvi not only fits right into the dance company, she could be their star."


"The story kept me captivated all the along…"
"Vilmos Zsigmond's images are beautiful… even simple, unattractive locations are painted with light, so it's a pleasure to behold them."


"Vilmos Zsigmond and Zoltán Honti's camera is especially effective in the dance sequences."
"Zsolt László, Bea Melkvi and young Emőke Zsigmond are excellent. They generate tension with their every move - just like the dancers."


The cinematographers, Vilmos Zsigmond and Zoltán Honti, did a brilliant job…
Zoltán Zsuráfszky's choreography is forceful and spellbinding. The dancers don't merely provide a background to the drama …
The Maiden Dance to Death, should look forward to world fame with confidence.


…exotic and compelling.
Zsolt László has deservedly won the Festival's Best Actor Prize.
"Vilmos Zsigmond and Zoltán Honti's cinematography is superb."


"The dance … permeates the film through and through. The visuals and the rhythm sweep you up… A beautiful film."


"…a precious work of art… "
"The gala opening ended with standing ovation…"
The dance and the music are the engine of the film, giving sensual depiction to the human tragedies."
"The kudos for the perfect portrayal of every light and shadow go to world famous cinematographer, Vilmos Zsigmond."

Penna Magazin

What a beautiful film! We loved it and would highly recommend it. Beautifully shot with great performances by the cast. Subtle. Intense. Well crafted. Well done!

Audience letter from Halifax, Canada

I saw the Ottawa premier a few weeks ago. The story is beautifully produced, great acting, & directing. Hope it is nominated for an Oscar!!
Want to see a beautiful film and moving film? If yes, go see, 'The Maiden Danced to Death' directed by and starring Endre Hules and produced by Michael Dobbin! Beautiful cinematography, fantastic acting and excellent direction!

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